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Sunday, October 26, 2003

You can often find conspiracy theory buffs in any paper's letters to the editor. Today's San Jose Mercury News contains such a letter -- though with an unusual pedigree.

In a recent meeting with state superintendents, a federal official representing Education Secretary Rod Paige labeled the concerns of state educators about the No Child Left Behind Act as ``bogeymen.'' This communicated the Bush administration's determination to punish schools not meeting the absurdly unrealistic standards set by Washington bureaucrats.

Most administrators, teachers and board members endorse accountability and high standards. The No Child Left Behind Act, however, is less a plan about accountability than a plot to undercut public education by hammering the most impoverished schools with the blunt instrument of standardized test scores. It also remains pathetically under-funded.

A Gallup Poll revealed that the average citizen knows little about No Child Left Behind. While the spotlight is focused on the war on terrorism, the fight to strengthen public education often feels like a losing battle. Our students and teachers deserve an education policy that seeks to improve teaching and learning, not a political assault.

And who penned this paranoid missive? Get your eyebrows ready for raising:

Steve Rowley
Superintendent, Fremont Union High School District

All I know about Fremont High School is what I learned from James Donald:

Certain government
owned schools, for example fremont high in california, are
rather famous for not making the attempt, depressing housing
prices in the district, and causing parents to launch all sorts
of scams to get their children into some other district. My
impression is that any kid in fremont who actualy goes to
fremont high has neglectful parents or a disfunctional family
-- that normal healthy families will do what is necessary to
send their children somewhere else.



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