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Saturday, November 22, 2003

Are you a Civilization player? I've been an addict since August of last year. Recently I discovered the editor, and have created my own scenarios. The first scenario I created involves exploration. You and five computer players start on your own small islands, with room for only a few cities. Each starting island is a moderate distance away from a central continent, with lots of riches and barbarians.

You can download this scenario here. (It's designed for Play the World. If all you have is Civ III, try it and if it doesn't work, I can attempt to backport it for you.)

I am now working on another scenario, which is based on Philip Jose Farmer's Riverworld novel. The map is a single river, which spirals from north to south pole. North-south movement is not possible. Resurrection and Richard Burton will not be included.

Update: I forgot to discuss starting civilizations and difficulty level. I removed most of the expansionist civs, as their scouting ability will be of little use when starting on a small island.

You should play this game on a difficulty level one tougher than what you are used to. Starting on a small island is possible in vanilla Civ, so you would think that the computer players would know to make a beeline for Mapmaking. They do not; on lower levels, where you can keep level with the computer players in tech, you will beat them to the main continent by a wide margin.



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