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Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Colby Cosh linked to four pages of the worst hockey logos ever. This stuff is so funny it will induce seizures, so take care.

I was surprised at the number of professional, albeit minor league, hockey teams that were supported by cities I had never heard of. For example, the Brandon Wheat Kings. What is a Brandon? I guessed Nebraska, but actually Brandon is in Manitoba. It lies 120 miles west of Winnipeg and has a population of about 42,000.

Then there were the Johnstown Chiefs. Any guesses? I was wary of my guess of "New York," figuring I had conflated Johnstown with Jamestown. Johnstown is actually in Pennsylvania, between Pittsburgh and Harrisburg. Johnstown had 29,000 residents in 1990, but only 24,000 in 2000. I assume the residents were despondent over the inconsistent spelling of cities ending in "Burg/Burgh".

The Fayetteville Force: I remembered that Fayetteville is in Arkansas. It is in the northwest corner of the state and has 60,000 people.

Then there was the Kelowna Rockets. I could not even begin to guess where Kelowna was, and Googled my way to the town web page. There I discovered that Kelowna is "the largest city in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley." What is the second largest city in the Okanagan Valley? Here are some quick facts about Kelowna:

  • Kelowna is home to 96,000 people.
  • Kelowna is well known for its hot summers and temperate winters.
  • The average daytime high during July and August is 27.40 C.
  • The average daytime high during December and January is -0.30 C. The average low is -7.70 C.

27.4 Celsius is 81.3 Fahrenheit. I guess you could own a pool. -7.7 Celsius is 18.1 Fahrenheit. I guess you could ... freeze your dick off.

Anyway, what's up with these Canadian city websites? The Kelowna website had none of this data on the front page and I had to search for it. The website for Brandon had no information on population at all, even through the search tool, so I gave up and Googled it.



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