The Declarer (Floyd McWilliams' Blog)

Sunday, November 30, 2003

Evan Kirchhoff, the 101-280 blogger, came to our house near 84-35 for a visit yesterday with his lovely friend Mary. Here is a list of our accomplishments:

  • Number of cats that Mary found adorable: 4
  • Number of cats who ignored Mary's cooing so they could jump on the feline-allergic Evan: 3
  • Number of StrongBad emails viewed: 3
  • Number of StrongBad email Easter Eggs found by Evan and Mary: 1. (It was new to me, which was somewhat embarrassing as I had just pompously expounded on how they could find all kinds of cool stuff if they waved the mouse around.)
  • Amount of Sherry's Chinese food consumed: Roughly 6 pecks
  • Number of board games played: 2
  • Number of farmers in the same field when we played Carcassone: 11
  • Number of beers consumed: 3
  • Bottles of wine consumed: 1
  • Small cups of coffee consumed: 67



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