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Thursday, November 06, 2003

Woodside High School, which is at the western edge of Redwood City and is about eight miles down Route 84 from me, has cancelled the remainder of its high school football season:

The principal of Woodside High School, furious after some players on the school's football team chanted obscenities at their coach as he entered the locker room after yet another loss, has canceled the remainder of the school's already dismal football season.

School officials called off the season after a team meeting Monday, when the players refused to name their compatriots who had led a locker-room chant.

On Friday evening, after Woodside's 30-12 home loss to Terra Nova High School of Pacifica, Woodside head coach Packy Moss walked into the locker room,
accompanied by a parent of one of his players. Suddenly, a handful of Woodside players shouted "f -- Packy" several times.

Here's the view of one of the players:

"I think they overreacted, and now it shows our school quits," said senior Jon Blekis, 17, a linebacker and defensive captain. "It was inappropriate (for those players) to do the chants, but to handle that by canceling the season, we're extremely disappointed with that."

Hey kid, you're going to be quoted in the newspaper, so don't sound like a sullen teenager, okay?

"The players respected the coaches for half of the season, but the coaches dissed the players, and it eventually blew up," said Blekis.

Too late!

You can always count of the support of parents when disciplining unruly students, right?

Roger Vaught, president of Woodside's booster club, agreed that the matter should have been dealt with among the team. Vaught, whose son was suspended from school for a day and never returned after a disciplinary action, said the problem had emerged because Moss never acquired the respect of his players.

"For any coach, you have to earn respect of your kids," said Vaught, who also coaches middle school football. "He didn't earn their respect. There was not one kid that looked up to him."

Ladies and gentlemen, the president of the booster club!

Oh well, at least the Woodside players aren't stuffing pine cones up other kids' asses.



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