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Friday, December 12, 2003

As I mentioned a couple of posts back, California activists are urging Hispanics to strike today. This is in protest of Governor Schwarzenegger's repeal of a law that allowed illegal immigrants to get California driver's licenses.

I was driving by some building (I think a church) near which were posted some protest signs. One read: "The only benefit of driver's licenses is wise drivers."

An interesting statement, considering that I had just been to a Blockbuster video store and when asked to provide a photo ID, pulled out my driver's license ...

(Media bias watch: The Mercury News vastly exaggerates the effect of the boycott. The "top local story" teaser on the home page says "Some Bay Area schools with heavy Latino student populations reported absentee rates as high as 90 percent today." But when you read the story, you find out that only two specific schools had absentee rates this high, because their students were participating in protests.)



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