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Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Colby Cosh wrote an article for the National Post about Saddam's capture, and noted:

The anti-warriors have had the luxury of subjecting the Bush administration to 100 different critiques, 50 of which directly contradict the other 50.

This technique is on display in today's San Jose Mercury News; the author even got the proportions right:

U.S. had a hand in rise of Saddam

Saddam Hussein is a very bad guy

"Saddam Hussein is a very bad guy"?! Homestar Runner has a better vocabulary -- "The Cheat is one fine-looking young man" -- and he can't even talk.

Sorry. Where was I?

and should pay for his crimes, but with the propaganda storm being unleashed by Washington and the mainstream press over his capture, let's not forget some basic facts.

Our own government supported him and helped him rise to power. Our government's years of economic sanctions and bombing campaigns have also brought death and destruction to Iraq. This war was based on a deception of the American people and the world, and those waging this war also stand to benefit from it politically and economically.

The blatant hypocrisy of all this remains unreported in the mainstream press and unnoticed by many Americans.

Doug Pearl
San Jose

So, the US is at fault because it supported Saddam Hussein ... and also because it didn't support Saddam Hussein! There was probably some time in the 60's or 70's when the US was neutral with respect to Saddam; you would think Pearl could have worked that in there.



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