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Tuesday, December 16, 2003

A dispatch from the mentally ill, in today's San Jose Mercury News:

Now that Saddam Hussein has been found and is alive and well, we need to apologize to him for killing his sons, knocking down his statue and making him live in a hole in the ground. And he needs to be restored to his rightful place as head of Iraq.

After all, it turns out he was telling the truth. There are no weapons of mass destruction. Bush, Powell and Rumsfeld are the ones who lied and who need to step down.

If Saddam needs to be punished for being a tyrant, just put him in charge of Iraq. After the mess the Americans have made of things, that would be punishment enough.

Robert Wright
San Jose

Update: I wondered whether this was the same Robert Wright mentioned in an earlier posting -- in which Wright told Joanne Jacobs about his local school having discarded a Chronicles of Narnia book because it was politically incorrect. I decided that Robert Wright was a common name, and San Jose is a big city. But then I read Joanne Jacob's post on Saddam's capture, and there was the full text of Wright's letter in the comments. Several other commenters assumed Wright was trolling. Such is the esteem in which the anti-war left is held.



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