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Saturday, December 13, 2003

Don't mess with Army officer and "Iraq Now" blogger Jason Van Steenwyk:

I just don�t get sentiments like this:

The president made a series of promises to us--number one, that he was gonna make every effort possible to build a legitimate coalition. He did not--he built a fraudulent coalition.
--Senator John Kerry, in this interview with Rolling Stone magazine

I've been in Southwest Asia since April. In that time I've personally met and talked to soldiers and civilians from The United Kingdom, Denmark, Poland, Azerbaijan, Moldavia, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Japan, and Spain. I haven't met any Italians yet, Japanese, or Spaniards yet, Koreans, but I know they're here. Some of them lost their lives on this ground.

There are also, at any given time, thousands of Iraqis risking assassination or mass murder in order to help rebuild Iraq. I see them almost every day. Are they frauds?

All of them are here on the ground, risking their necks along with us. Is that fraudulent? Within the last couple of weeks, men from Italy and Japan have sacrificed their lives along with our troops. Was that fraudulent?

A soldier from Fiji was wounded -- shot through both knees -- while providing security for an Iraqi Currency Exchange program in the Battle of Samarra. Was that fraudulent, too?

Why don't you come out here and speak to the boots on the ground from our coalition partners? Try calling them "fraudulent," Senator.



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