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Monday, December 01, 2003

Gweetings, One and Evewyone!

I see that I have a massive influx of traffic from Evan Kirchhoff's blog. New readers of The Declarer will benefit from this biographical post -- featuring patented <UL> technology!

  • I am a 36-year-old software developer. I went to Purdue University, graduated in December 1989, and moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, where I have lived ever since. Currently I live with my wife Sherry (Yi Chen) in a house in Sky Londa. Sky Londa is redwood country, at the top of the ridge that forms the spine of the San Mateo peninsula.

  • I am an avid bridge player. My skill level is probably good Flight B or poor Flight A. There is a local club in Palo Alto that has good games, and I play there once or twice a week. I partner Sherry (whom I taught to play) and my friends Eric and Scott. Occasionally I post interesting hands or boast of my victories.

  • I also play various board games such as Settlers of Cataan and Bohnanza. I play the computer game Civilization III, and have made some scenarios. These activities don't usually make their way into the blog, except for random asides about how I would rather be playing Civ III than working or cleaning house or whatever.

  • I read Michael Lewis' "Moneyball" and as a result became an Oakland A's fan. If you had shown up here two months earlier you would have seen much wailing and gnashing of teeth, but there will be little A's posting until next season begins in April. Otherwise I have little interest in sports.

  • I am a fan of the online comics Achewood and Homestar Runner (who is the source of the title quote).

  • I watch very little TV, and see maybe two movies a year.

  • I am an anarcho-capitalist, which is to say a libertarian.

  • I often make fun of the San Jose Mercury News and the deranged people who write its letters to the editor.

  • I frequently post in the comments of blogs belonging to Aaron Haspel, Michele Catalano, and San Jose Mercury technology columnist Dan Gillmor.



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