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Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Here is more evidence that "diversity" means "left-wing groupthink," in the form of a letter to the San Jose Mercury News:

SJS search panel needs diversity

California State University Chancellor Charles B. Reed and Bill Hauck wrote on the importance and responsibility of appointing a president to lead a CSU campus (Opinion, Nov. 28). At issue is the recent rejection of the three finalists recommended by the trustees and its San Jose State University campus-based advisory committee.

We want the best president for our community. San Jose State has a rich history that has well served the economic viability of Silicon Valley. Many San Jose State graduates are major contributors to the success and entrepreneurial spirit of our valley.

After discussions with leaders in Silicon Valley, it became apparent that the makeup of the advisory committee did not represent the rich diversity of our community. We encourage Chancellor Reed to reconsider his position.

Why is this statement of significance? For the same reason we suggested to the chancellor that there is value in having diverse opinions; that is part of what makes our country great. We ask only for inclusion in the process.

Inclusiveness is not a dirty word. CSU needs to revisit its policy to ensure that the community has a voice in the selection process. To do so will be a credit to CSU and to our community.

Manny Diaz
Assembly member, District 23
San Jose

Yoshihiro Uchida
San Jose

Now if "diversity" and "inclusiveness" really means picking people with varying opinions and ideas, then how would a more "diverse" committee have prevented the rejection of any of the three finalists? The more people a group has, the harder it is for that group to agree on anything.

But if "diversity" means "everyone will have the same left-wing politics and will select a like-minded candidate for chancellor", well ...



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