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Monday, December 22, 2003

InstaPundit.Com was uncharacteristically quiet today. The reason for this turned out to be a Glenn Reynolds road trip:

WENT TO BIRMINGHAM to pick up my grandmother, then drove her back to Knoxville. Kind of tired from the round-trip. Back later.

(Note that it takes Reynolds a whole nineteen minutes to rest up for his next post.)

I didn't have a good feel for the distance involved, so I did a quick Yahoo Maps query and found that the Knoxville-Birmingham distance is 257 miles one-way. Birmingham is pretty much dead southwest of Knoxville; interestingly enough, you can form a square using those two cities, Nashville as the northwest corner, and Atlanta as the southeast.

The symmetry is somewhat spoiled because there is no direct road from Atlanta to Knoxville. Interstate 40 links Nashville and Knoxville east and west, I-65 connects Knoxville and Birmingham from north to south, and I-20 can be used to travel between Birmingham and Atlanta. The diagonals are covered by I-24 and I-75 (Nashville and Atlanta) and I-59 and I-75 (Reynolds' route from Knoxville to Birmingham). But there is no north-south interstate from Knoxville to Atlanta; there is one road, labelled I-75, but it goes southwest halfway to Birmingham and then tacks back to the southeast.



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