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Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Merde in France reports on our friends the French. Remember the French? They're a wise, peace-loving people who refused to help America fight terrorists -- but more in sorrow than in anger.

Rank and hateful anti-Americanism is now standard fare in French mass media. Paris Match trumpets 'Iraq: Exclusive, Our reporters were with the rebel commandos who hit the DHL cargo plane. They fired missles at the Airbus'. A slideshow is proudly displayed on their website and the images have been showcased on nightly news shows. French journalists lead the resistance against nasty American GIs! Sing the Marseillaise! As the French Army (oxymoron since 1940) is incapable of crossing over into Boondockistan to kick ass on a few illiterate bandits, France sends its fudgepacking journalists to play doctor with a bunch of thugs who are of the same breed currently rampaging in their own suburbs back home.

Paris Match is not some fringe commie rag; it's a popular mass market magazine, available at your local Borders.

(Interesting sidenote: Merde in France is a bilingual blog. The author's translation of "Boondockistan" is "P├ętaoushnokistan". I'm not sure how much of that word to chop off to produce the word for "boondocks".)



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