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Tuesday, December 23, 2003

This Module Coded By John Hughes

I use Eudora as my email client. Eudora presents my incoming email in the usual table format; each message is displayed as a row, with the columns being fields like the sender, the subject, and the size of the message.

One column is labelled "Mood Status." It displays one, two or three red chili pepper icons depending on the amount of profanity used in the message. If a message contains the "f" word it is labelled with three peppers, while milder language such as "crap" results in one icon.

So when I received a Merry Christmas mass mailing from my wife's sweet little cousin Mimi, and it was labelled with one chili pepper, I raised an eyebrow. Mimi is not given to swearing, and how profane could a "Merry Christmas" email be? I didn't see anything in the message body, but I understood when I saw the recipient list. Mimi sent her message to all her Chinese friends as well as me, and two of the recipients were relatives of a character in Sixteen Candles:

"Cheng Louisa (E-mail)"
"Dong Yun Jiang (E-mail)"
"Dong, Qing (E-mail)"
"Fei Xiang (E-mail)" <>,



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