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Thursday, December 11, 2003

Today's example of liberal media bias: The San Jose Mercury News reports on calls by Hispanic activists for immigrants to strike:

Boycott by immigrants urged in license protest
By Edwin Garcia
Mercury News

The message to Latino immigrants in the Bay Area and around California is sweeping: Keep your kids home from school Friday, don't go to work and stay away from stores.

The unprecedented request, made by immigrant advocates to protest the repeal of a law that would have allowed illegal immigrants to apply for driver's licenses, is intended to show state leaders the collective economic and social clout of California's growing immigrant population.

Now if the strike actually happened and a large number of people participated, that would be news. But when Garcia wrote the article, it was just a plan by some activists. Why is the Mercury News serving as a forum for Hispanic activists' press releases? It is not news when a stuck-in-the-60's liberal plans a protest, any more than it is news when young men view porn on the Internet.

I rather doubt that conservative activism would be touted in this manner. A concrete example: On July 26th Republican activists held a pro-recall rally at the California state capitol. The rally was attended by over a thousand people. I searched the Mercury News archives and found no advance mentions of this event.

Compare and contrast: Liberals tell people to take a day off work or school, and get their plans aired in a front-page puff piece. Conservatives tell people to drive to Sacramento and stand around in 105-degree heat, and no one hears about it. Then repeat after me: There is no liberal media bias.



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