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Monday, December 08, 2003

Trendy, urban California has the nightlife that ... goes to bed early. Note these datapoints:

  • Winnipeg expat Evan Kirchhoff, now a San Francisco blogger, links to the Drudge-reported story on the DJ whose mummified body was discovered in a Winnipeg club a year after his death. (Kirchhoff seems to enjoy this shocking occurence just a little too much -- does he have an alibi?) He notes that while the province of Manitoba does not technically allow bars -- alcohol is sold in "cabarets" or "lounges" or "nightclubs" -- Winnipeg has it all over San Francisco:

    ...while there is a mandated 2:00 A.M. last call, there's no requirement that you can't accumulate last-minute drinks and nurse them for another hour or two -- they sure as hell don't turn the lights on at 1:48 and contemptuously shoo you out like a bunch of filthy cockroaches the way they do in San Francisco. (Prairie Protestantism: 1, California health-naziism: 0.)

  • Sofia Sideshow, a blog by an American expat in Bulgaria, compares Sofia nightlife to Los Angeles:

    The night clubs here operate at night, as opposed to LA where everything shuts down at 2am. Things here shut down...well, I dunno, after I shut down, I guess. It's like the refrigerator light mystery, but on a bigger, louder scale.

    Former Communist Countries: 1, California health-naziism: 0.

  • My wife is from Shanghai, and complains endlessly about the uselessness of American nightlife: It's impossible to shop or eat after 9 p.m. In Shanghai the main commercial drags are full of trendy shops that are open all night, and the restaurants are open until midnight or later.

    Former Communist Countries: 2, California health-naziism: 0.

  • A high-school classmate went to college at Canisius, in Buffalo. Last call in Buffalo is 4 a.m. Yes, Buffalo residents party two hours later than Californians.

    Frozen tundra: 2, California health-naziism: 0.



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