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Thursday, December 04, 2003

While reading TMQ author Gregg Easterbrook's blog ("Not Even Mentioning Jews Since October 2003"), I came across an ad for Tom Cruise's new movie, The Last Samurai. Cruise wears a goatee, which makes him look incredibly ... not Japanese.

Word is that Tom's Scientologist pals rigged up a sound system for his movie takes that allegedly make his voice deeper. Maybe they also provided the cameras with special lens filters that were supposed to Cruise's features more Oriental.

Update: Mentioned this to a co-worker at lunch and he said that Cruise's character was supposed to be a Westerner. Oops. Joke's on me. Fortunately I ran into a guy on the street who gave me a personality test and said that I could use "cybernetics" to make my dumb ideas look really smart...



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