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Saturday, January 31, 2004

A commenter at the Captain's Quarters brings up an interesting bit of history that everyone (including me) seems to have forgotten:

Doesn't anyone remember that during Gulf War I, Saddam suddenly flew what was left of his Air Force to Iran, his former mortal enemy?

It was a huge one or two day story. As I recall it ocurred sometime during the six weeks of aerial attack preceding the ground attack into/around Kuwait. Saddam's Air Force was being taken out even though it was parked in its reinforced bunkers. All of a suddent the AWACS detected the flight of numerous (I don't remember how many -- over a hundred?) Iraqi aircraft over the border into Iranian landing fields, where presumably they're still sitting. Everyone was astonished by it and then the war moved on.

It's become clear to me in retrospect that Saddam's total amorality led him to believe that he thought he could "ransom" them later, even though he'd just been complicit in the deaths of half a million Iranians during their war from 1980-88.

I have yet to see anyone in the mass media -- repeat ANYONE -- make an analogy of this situation to the possible movement of chemical/biological agents in Syria and the Bekaa Valley Lebanon. And even more mystifying is why the Administration hasn't suggested it.

If Saddam would send weapons to his mortal enemies, hoping to redeem them later, just why wouldn't he do the same with his fellow Arab Muslim Baathist ideological soulmates?



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