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Thursday, January 08, 2004

Here is a great article by ESPN's Rob Neyer about the gambling problems in the early days of baseball. Gambling was widespread and led to many fixes and accusations of fixes. The worst (but not only) incident in which players took a dive was of course the 1919 World Series.

It was in the wake of this scandal that baseball commissioner Landis instituted the lifetime ban for betting on one's own team. This is more evidence that Pete Rose can never be reinstated into baseball. One hears people complain that the Hall of Fame admits drunks, addicts, and satyrs. If drink or cocaine or skirt-chasing had led to players taking payments to lose baseball games, and then to a well-publicized rule that players who engaged in such behavior would be banned, that objection might have some basis.

(Link via the excellent Baseball Musings.)



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