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Friday, January 23, 2004

Just got back from a two-day business trip to Seattle. Some very brief observations:

  • Seattle is green. Seattle has lots of trees. Seattle has trees on highway overpasses, which I had never seen before.
  • The terrain is much more varied than I had expected. While wandering around near our hotel we were always climbing up and down hills. My co-worker Gregory and I drove up 405 to 5, then down 5 into Seattle. As we came into the center of the city there was a sharp dropoff to the west; the city streets were probably 100 feet beneath us.
  • I walked by a transit station and saw some port-a-potties called ... The Honey Bucket. <voice octave="highest">The Honey Bucket?</voice > Either someone is not very serious, or they are, and I don't know which alternative is scarier.

    (Turns out Honey Bucket is a division of NW Cascade, with its own website and goofy Amos-chasin-Bocephus-round-the-moonshine-still-lettering logo. Honey Bucket has what can only be described as a manifesto:

    Honey Bucket is committed to being the best provider of portable sanitation. This includes the quality of products we offer, the services we provide and the attitude, dedication and skills of our employees.

    Lets face it, many people giggle when they talk about portable restrooms. Some think of it as a low-tech, low quality, low expectation business. No way! Honey Bucket is proud of our history, teamwork, results, and a growing list of satisfied customers. We want to be the best we can be, strive to get better, and try to have fun.




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