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Friday, January 23, 2004

While driving home tonight I heard New Hampshire campaign news on KCBS radio. Shouty Dean stated that Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan should be replaced because he was in favor of George Bush's tax cuts.

This leads to some very interesting questions. Does Dean believe that there was an economic boom under Bill Clinton? If not, I think we are owed an explanation. If so, Dean should probably explain whether Greenspan was an effective member of Clinton's economic team.

That answer should be even more fruitful. If Dean says, no, Greenspan was a dud, then how would he explain that Greenspan was the Fed Chairman for all eight years, zero months, zero days of Clinton's two terms? And if Greenspan was instrumental in bringing about the roaring economy of the 1990's, what does this say about Howard Dean? "Citizen, Messieur Greenspan is one of our leading monetary experts and --" "A la lanterne!"

There's no rush for Dean to tell us that he was just having a bit of fun, or that he was trying to entertain some of his hard-working campaigners. These questions can be explored at great length during the months of October and November.



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