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Wednesday, February 18, 2004

I'm still quite busy with my work project, but I not-so-coincidentally have these complaints to make about software:

  • If you make a tool that displays data, could you make the data copyable to the clipboard? I'm using a database tracer and there's nothing more annoying than seeing the full text of a stored procedure call and not being allowed to copy it so that I can rerun the call myself. What do I look like, a medieval monk?

  • If you're a monolithic corporation, could you get your various software products to work together? I'll give you a pass on the aforementioned database product not having selectable text, as is normal for your operating system -- I know you bought the whole thing from Sybase. But what about your word processor and your email client? These products have existed for years and have hundreds of millions of users and have had probably man-millenia of effort put into them, so why is it that when I copy text from a Word document and paste it into Outlook it looks as though a grenade went off in the middle of it?!?!

  • Oh, and while you're at it, could you have a talk with the aforementioned word processor, and also your spreadsheet? Could you tell them that when I open a document, or a spreadsheet, and scroll through it, and look at it, I have not changed one bloody thing about the file? Could you tell those tools to leave me the hell alone and stop asking me if I should save my "changes"? Yeah, and while you're at it put the "money" that I "made" in my "bank account."

That is all.



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