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Friday, March 05, 2004

Amnesty International used to be an organization that spotlighted and protested violations of human rights. Now AI has chosen to piss away its accumulated goodwill and moral stature by pandering to its left-wing donor base.

This is the same process by which the accounting firm Arthur Anderson collapsed. But hey, it's fun and profitable while it lasts!

While driving to get coffee I heard about this story on the radio:

Washington-AP -- Amnesty International is calling on both the Pentagon and Congress to get serious about violence on women in the military -- whether it involves active duty personnel or dependents of servicemen.
A-I is joining the Miles Foundation, a non-profit group that provides services to victims of violence in the military, in putting pressure on the Department of Defense to stop ignoring what they call a huge problem.

The groups want military officers to establish a zero tolerance policy for abuse, and guarantee victims a safe environment in which to report attacks -- without fear of reprisal.

The Miles Foundation says in the deployment of troops since the Nine-Eleven attacks, violence against women in uniform and against dependents has doubled -- both at home and overseas.

So what has been done to women in the military? Well, there is "violence" twice (no details), "abuse," "attacks," and "violence" again -- still no details. Whatever happened to actual crimes, like rape and assault?

Anyone who was actually interested in human misery, rather than political posturing, could find probably find fifty or a hundred stories more serious than this. Hell, North Korea alone would probably furnish five or ten atrocities involving thousands of people. (Women are kept in concentration camps, and forced to have abortions when they get pregnant. Chemical weapons are tested on dissidents and their families. The Korean Communists are so evil, and so crazy, that they kidnap people at random from Japan.) The sad fact is that if a "human rights violation" doesn't make you sick to your stomach it's not one of the real problems in today's world.

Suppose it were important for Amnesty International to speak out about rapes conducted by one individual against another. (Not that they were particularly concerned about rapes conducted by Baathist Iraqis for purposes of torture, punishment, and intimidation). There are other nations that have higher rape rates than America, such as Australia and Canada.

But that would never do; Amnesty's membership isn't interested in hearing about problems in Australia or Canada. All they want to hear is criticism of America, especially America's military.

(Here is a post from last September in which I complained about Amnesty's lack of interest in human rights.)



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