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Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Have His Carcase

Great moments in forensic science, as reported by the San Francisco Chronicle:

PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- An infant believed to have died in a 1997 fire actually was kidnapped and raised by a woman who set the blaze to cover her path, authorities said. Now, the child's mother -- who recognized the girl at a party by a dimple -- is eagerly awaiting a reunion.

What a heartwarming story -- wait a minute, where the hell did the authorities think the body went to?

The biological mother, Luz Cuevas of Philadelphia, saw the girl at a birthday party in January and recognized her by a dimple on her face.

At the party, she told the girl she had gum in her hair and pulled out five strands for DNA testing, Cuevas told The Associated Press on Tuesday. She said she folded them in a napkin and placed them in a plastic bag, which she locked in a safe at home, and contacted authorities.

"Because of TV, I knew they needed hair for the DNA (tests)," Cuevas said.

Because of having a brain, I knew that when a person dies, a body is often found. Where is it?

Delimar was thought to have perished in the Dec. 15, 1997, blaze in her family's home. A body was never found; authorities believed the infant had been consumed by the fast-moving fire.

Uh huh.

Hey, the "white American white military" could have used this tactic when they kidnapped Jean-Bertrand Aristide. (Though I don't know what woman could be found to raise Aristide as her own son.)



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