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Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Mickey Kaus continues his lonely crusade against John Kerry:

Real Simple Politics: I don't understand why Democrats are optimistic about John Kerry's chances of defeating Bush. Bush is currently essentially tied with Kerry in most polls. The two big issues are the economy and Iraq. The economy is almost certainly going to get better and Iraq is reasonably likely to get better. That should, on balance, help Bush. So why does it look good for Kerry, again? [But Kerry was for Iraq--ed Right. I forgot! The primary's over.]

Not to mention that Kerry has been in the news for two months. He's spent tens of millions of dollars campaigning. For the last six weeks he has been the front-runner for the nomination, and his closest competitor refused to run a negative campaign. And the whole Democratic campaign as been about who could criticize George Bush most effectively. (How many times have you turned on the TV or the radio and heard Edwards or Kerry say "I can beat George Bush"? Fifty? A hundred?)

And after all this, Kerry is tied with Bush? What's going to happen when the Bush campaign starts spending the quarter of a billion dollars they've raised? What's going to happen when we start to hear about Kerry's flaws?



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