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Monday, March 15, 2004

So much of America is agog over The Beating the Sh.., excuse me, The Passion of the Christ, a motion picture which represents a new way for the religious to acquire psychological problems: In addition to guilt, confusion about normal sexual desire, and priestly abuse, one can now be scarred by exposure to mayhem. Meanwhile observers of ice hockey debate over whether Todd Bertuzzi's vicious rabbit-punch of an opponent reflects badly on the sport. (Colby Cosh in particular has blogged several posts arguing that people are overreacting; for instance here he approvingly quotes a minor league hockey player who says, "But I'd love it if everyone would get off their high horses about the serious damage to the game, and to their kids' psyches, and to their respect for Todd Bertuzzi. Hockey fans are already watching the next game; the rest can go back to Regis." Now hockey is Cosh's national game, not mine, but I have always wondered why boxers, whose sport consists of assault and battery, can keep their attacks within certain bounds but hockey players cannot.)

Is it possible to combine the two memes? Instead of Jesus whipped and crucified in ancient Judea -- a boring place that lacks glitter and excitement -- the Savior can die for our sins on the ice. Christians can see how the Son of God suffered for them. Hockey fans can watch big goons enforce the "honor" and "integrity" of the sport. Everyone is happy! Just imagine:

The Checking of the Christ

Coming to a theater near you.

In Russian, Swedish, and Canadian. With subtitles.



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