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Sunday, April 04, 2004

Mealy-mouthed idiocy from today's San Jose Mercury News letters page:

Al-Fallujah photos reveal Iraqi rage

Thanks to the Mercury News for showing the pictures of the attack in Al-Fallujah, Iraq, (Page 15A, April 1) and the gruesome display of the corpses of the U.S. government contractors. Without the pictures, I do not think I would have realized the extremity of the assault. Readers need to see pictures of this nature to be affected. This was a horrific act, but it does convey the hatred and rage over the occupation by the coalition forces.

Both President Bush and John Kerry are saying we can't ``cut and run'' in spite of this grisly attack. When have we heard that before? Sounds like Vietnam, doesn't it?

Gertrude Welch

I wonder if two-thirds of a century ago, there were people writing letters to newspapers saying that, yes it was a shame about all those Jews who were killed and dispossessed by Krystallnacht, but it did reveal Nazi rage and do we really want to get involved with fighting those sorts of people?

When did it become received wisdom among the left that all anger and hatred is justified?



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