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Sunday, May 02, 2004

A fashionable slur among the anti-war crowd is to term opponents "theocrats" and "neocons." Here's a (poorly-spelled) example from Jeff Goldstein's comments:

Who said that "facts are stubborn things"? Fact: US soldiers died. The effort to cover up this fact speaks of an agenda to cover up facts. We can't supress facts that are not convenient to the Theocract/Neocon agenda. We should get more information, not less.

There's some really nasty religious bigotry tucked away in those two terms: If a Bush administration member is a Christian, he's a "theocrat," and if he's Jewish then call him a "neocon." And since there are few Buddhists or Zoroastrans in Washington, you have your bases covered.

Here's another example, also gleaned from the same post: "Captain Normal" objected to Sinclair Broadcasting's decision that it would not air Ted Koppel's defeatism-cum-dead-soldier-roll call on Nightline. Captain Normal posted a cartoon of "Republican Jesus" who said: "Sinclair Broadcasting got it right. I've hidden the fallen soldiers of the Iraq war in purgatory, so they don't embarrass the incoming theocons."

This does not reveal anything about George Bush and Republicans. All it tells us is that Captain Normal and his buddies are bigoted against Christians. Bush justified his decision to invade Iraq on secular grounds of human rights and self-defense. If Bush has said the word "God," it is in the sense that "crimes cry out against God," which even an atheist like me might utter. I have never heard Bush or any members of his staff say that Yahweh told him to go to Mesopotamia and smite the Baath party.

I mean, I support America's actions in Iraq, and I'm an Oakland Athletics fan, but the two have nothing to do with each other. Yelling about "theocrats" is just as dumb as if someone were to create a "Republican Athletic" cartoon in which a green-and-gold clad baseball player explains that he hid fallen soldiers bodies because they were from Seattle, Los Angeles, and Dallas.

Not to mention that anti-Christian bigotry is about the worst possible tactic you could use to convince Americans to follow your political agenda. Hope you enjoy your next four years of protest marches, assholes.



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