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Monday, May 10, 2004

I Was In Favor Of The War Until I Found Out People Got Hurt Department

Andrew Sullivan is still pro-war, just barely, but you'd better check again if he finds out that a Marine accidentaly gave an Iraqi a pork MRE:

THE CHASTENING: The question I have asked myself in the wake of Abu Ghraib is simply the following: if I knew before the war what I know now, would I still have supported it? I cannot deny that the terrible mismanagement of the post-war - something that no reasonable person can now ignore - has, perhaps fatally, wrecked the mission. But does it make the case for war in retrospect invalid? My tentative answer - and this is a blog, written day by day and hour by hour, not a carefully collected summary of my views - is yes, I still would have supported the war. But only just. And whether the "just" turns into a "no" depends on how we deal with the huge challenge now in front of us.



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