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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Someone in my fantasy league dumped Cubs' closer Joe Borowski. I put a claim for him on our league's waiver wire, figuring that it would be very helpful to have a third closer. At the time I had two closers, Benitez (Florida) and Nathan (Minnesota). Borowski would replace setup man Luis Ayala, a pretty good pitcher who was killing my team because of the viciously hidebound way in which Frank Robinson was using him. Robinson, manager of the horrid Montreal/San Juan Expos, would only use closer Rocky Biddle when ahead -- and that hasn't happened much. So Ayala pitched in close and tied games -- many more games than Biddle -- and would often be stuck with a loss when the Expos fell ahead late. I was happy to get rid of Ayala, but I would have been happier dumping him outright rather than naming him as the player to drop if and when the waiver request went through; during Borowski's three days on waivers Ayala was stuck with another loss.

Borowski hasn't done much lately as the Cubs have been killing their opponents or losing. But tonight he got me a save. He entered the Cubs - Dodgers game in the top of the ninth up 6-0. Walk, single, double, sac fly, ground out, single. Borowski was pulled for setup man LaTroy Hawkins. Hawkins came in ahead 6-2 with men on first and third, and got Cesar Izturis to fly out for the save. Hawkins is also on my fantasy team, so I got credit for the save.

Well, I got Borowski for saves, and a save -- and two earned runs -- is what I got.



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