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Thursday, June 24, 2004

Nice To Have You Aboard, If Ever So Briefly

On Tuesday the jury for the murder trial of cross-dresser "Gwen" Araujo deadlocked, and the judge declared a mistrial. The Alameda County prosecutors attempted to try the alleged perpetrators for first degree murder; the jury could not agree whether the killing consistuted first or second degree homicide.

Yesterday, two members of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors sponsored a resolution urging Alameda County to retry the case. (No link; I heard it on the radio.)

How ... interesting to see the board get tough on crime! And how very helpful too. No prosecutor who aggressively tried to get the most serious possible conviction would ever think of retrying the case after a jury mistrial. Thanks for the tip, board of supervisors!

Last year, San Francisco had 62 homicides.

But then, it is always more satisfying to tell someone else how to do his job, rather than attending to your own.



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