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Thursday, June 24, 2004

Why do so many websites try to cram so much data into their home pages? Look at Yahoo and tell me that you can find what you want in that mess. I've given up trying to find links on the Yahoo home page; if it's not a subpage I know, like or -- I don't bother.

Furthermore, why do some sites punish people who don't have up-to-date chips and memory? Last week I was in a hotel that let its patrons use an old Windows 98 box. I tried to check my scores using the ESPN baseball page. ESPN's site was such a bloated, vile mess that it didn't matter that the computer had DSL; the page overloaded the poor box's 64 or 128 megabytes of memory, and each box score took up to a minute to load. I gave up, went to Google News, and soon found that USA Today has a day's boxscores all on one page, in a simple layout.

And how can Sun create this atrocity of a web page for its Java One conference? How dare Sun create this atrocity of a web page for its Java One conference? Click around; the site is like a slow, bloated web app -- you can see servlets futilely churning as you wait -- but it doesn't do anything. It is impossible to find out which technical sessions are being held at a particular time and date.

And Sun wants to charge developers two thousand dollars each to tell them how to use Java to create web pages! Physician, heal thyself.



my computer has windows XP, 3.4 ghz processor, a gig of RAM, DSL, not sure about the video card offhand, i think its 128 meg. Nevertheless, it took 20 seconds for the sun page to fully load.

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