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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

In the summer of 2002 Josh Marshall wrote some wonderfully nasty blog posts that made fun of the Washington police's utter incompetence at finding the remains of Chandra Leavy. You will remember that Ms. Leavy's bones were found in a park after police had searched it; the chief of police then theorized that a small burrowing animal had removed the bones from its lair after the search. Marshall sneered:

[Y]ou've got to ask the following awkward but unavoidable question: Who has more credibility? The DC Metro Police? Or a small burrowing mammal?
Fair enough, but two years later one has to wonder who has more credibility: The aforementioned mammal, or Mr. Marshall. Here is a recent post which makes the reader dizzy with his attempt to spin the Berger scandal as no big deal:

Finally a case President Bush is eager to see investigated. Bush on Berger: "This is a very serious matter that will be fully investigated by the Justice Department."

As we said earlier, desperate.

Winning campaigns don't put the candidate in the mud.

And when asked about Berger's transgressions, Mr. Bush was supposed to say what?

"This is not a very serious matter and no one is ever prosecuted for misplacing classified material"?

"I don't really care one way or the other"?

Ridiculous and blustering excuses, and indifference to matters of national security, are not in Bush's playbook, however natural they may seem to such as Josh Marshall.



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