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Thursday, July 08, 2004

Kumbaya, 2004 Educrat Edition

Joanne Jacobs links to a USA Today article about teacher protest music:

At first, Lily Eskelsen's sparkling alto lends her the air of a latter-day Joan Baez. She's strumming a guitar softly -- how far behind can the songs be about the coal miners? But the former Utah teacher's subject soon becomes clear:

"A bureaucrat came to our town.
And at first we thought he jested,
He said, "When I get through with you folks,
There'll be no child left untested."

She performed the song (with the unforgettable hook "If we have to test their butts off, there'll be no child's behind left") this week at the National Education Association's annual meeting.

Let me guess: Her voice was quavering, yet smug.



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