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Saturday, July 03, 2004

We Can't Have Ballplayers Wearing Flags on Their Caps. The Next Thing You Know, There Will Be Movie Paraphernalia on the Bases!

Former Athletic Keith Foulke was told by Major League Baseball to stop wearing an inch-wide flag on his cap:

After a personal letter from commissioner Bud Selig, plus talks between the players' union and baseball management as the Fourth of July approached, Foulke reluctantly packed away his Boston cap that featured a patch of the American flag.


Foulke was the only player in the majors with his own such hat. The son of a U.S. Air Force man, he wore it most of the season to show his support for the American troops in Iraq.

"It's not like I was trying to call attention to myself," he said. "I'm a patriotic person, and it's just a personal thing I wanted to do. It was only about an inch square, on the left side, and a lot of people didn't even notice it."


About two weeks after Foulke found out baseball planned to put Spider-Man 2 ads on the bases -- "that really chapped me," he said -- he sent a letter to Selig explaining his position. The commissioner wrote back in a note dated June 3.

"I agree with and admire the patriotic sentiments expressed in your letter," Selig wrote. "While I cannot imagine anyone having an objection to our American flag on a player's hat, we feel it is crucial that we maintain this across-the-board policy.

You can't imagine anyone having an objection to a flag on a hat, Bud? You're the one objecting to it.

Thank you, Keith Foulke. And screw you, Bug Selig.



yes, that is retarded on seligs part

remember to vote for bobby abreu for NL extra man
do it online
do it repeatedly

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