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Saturday, August 07, 2004

Last weekend in Vegas I read the Los Angeles Times in paper for the first time. I did so primarily for baseball box scores, and while the format of said scores was non-standard, the paper served my purposes ably enough. (At least when one vacations on the West Coast the morning paper has all the previous night's games.)

The Times is a poster child for liberal media bias -- remember the last-minute crusade against Schwarzenegger just before last year's recall election? -- and I was curious to see what I would find during the idle reading of two editions. The most lurid example was not in the news or opinion page, but in an article about this summer's movie releases.

The author praised the remake of The Manchurian Candidate as a sign that Hollywood was turning away from fantasy and toward "topical" movies. The new Candidate is about a soldier who is given a brain implant so that he can commit an assassination on behalf of a multinational corporation.

Brain implants are not topical, because they do not exist. They are science fiction. Corporations which assassinate politicans they don't like also do not exist; they are commie fiction.

(And now that I think about it, what does the Left have against multinational corporations? The standard complaint is that they have no loyalty to any country. But isn't that a good thing, in a citizen du monde kind of way? Doesn't the Left also complain about the "military-industrial complex," which promotes American patriotism and makes war for profit? Wouldn't a multinational corporation be necessarily opposed to conflict between nations?)



The global economic system is developing without a global society to provide the necessary framework for these developments or to correct the distortions brought about by market fundamentalism.

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