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Monday, August 16, 2004

The Wrong Chavez

Yesterday Sherry and I went to Athletics Nation day at the Coliseum. Three seats down from me was the commenter who calls himself "McFood," along with his wife and four-year-old daughter. He had just got done telling me that the first player he taught her to recognize was Eric Chavez, who igned a long-term contract, when the starting lineup was announced. Crosby, McLemore, Scutaro: Who's the odd man out? I kept hoping that Chavez would pinch-hit for McLemore or Scoot, but he never appeared.

Another Chavez, Hugo of Venezuela, announced today that he will not be written out of any lineup. Chavez claimed victory in Venezuela's recall vote, but as exit polls showed the recall winning 60-40, the opposition rejected the results as a "gigantic fraud."

For news on the recall I read an excellent blog that had dropped off my reading list, The Devil's Excrement. The author stood in line for ten hours and twenty minutes to vote. (Another datum which suggests that the recall passed; as P.J. O'Rourke noted fifteen years ago when the Sandanistas were shown the door, people don't stand in line for hours to affirm the status quo.) The blog has comments, in which there is quite a lot of arguing pro and contra Chavez. Here is one comment, and a riposte:

"BBC and CNN Espanol have called it for Chavez."

I have just lit a candle in honor of Chavez, the Venny people, and the sanctity of Democracy.



Victory? Democracy? I feel sorry for you Petey, so naif.... But I won't fall into provocations, this a open forum and anyone can express their thoughts.... I already was tainted over 6 hours by a crowd of people like you, in front of my consulate... All of them screaming and calling us names, waving flags of chavez and Che Guevara's and red EZLN t-shirts... not a single venezuelan among them... and the worst of it, chanting 60's revolutionary songs like it was some sort of "time capsule" hahaha... I laughed all the way to the polling booth, were I showed my VENEZUELAN I.D. Card and casted my exercised my VENEZUELAN RIGHT of voting. Keep screaming in our forums, while you sit confortably in your first world living room, I very sure your "message" is getting through... hahahaha...

At the end the TRUTH will prevail. (please note that I don't use warfare vocabulary)

have good dreams... or should I say... keep dreaming? hehehehe...

On the way home from the game I listened to a radio news report on the expatriot voting. The person quoted who supported the recall had a heavy Spanish accent. The person quoted who opposed the recall spoke perfect English, and seemed more concerned with the Bush administration's policy toward Venezuela than about Venezuela itself.



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