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Sunday, September 12, 2004

I Have Found It

Sorry about that; I figured that Google, my fantasy baseball team, and the Oakland A's could get along without me while I vacationed in Eureka for three days. But what of you, my loyal blog readers (and internet searchers for various misspelled words)? To make up for your aggravation, I have posted the following lovely image of the roiling sea at Trinidad Head.

Sherry and I played in a two-session pairs at the Eureka Sectional. We have now played six sessions at Eureka sectionals and have always finished somewhere between 48% and 52%. Here is a hand that demonstrates my complete inability to master the North Coast competitor:

Favorable, 3rd seat, I held

SAxx Hxxx DJ8xxx CAx. Sherry opened 3C and RHO bid 3H. Looking at my hand I was certain the opponents had game, so I bid 3N! This was passed out, though not without a tremor from RHO. LHO led HQ and Sherry put down:

SQTx HJ Dx CKQTxxxxx

(Yes, 4C or 5C would have been a better opening bid.)

RHO overtook the queen and reeled off seven hearts and the DAQ; the diamond suit blocked so I was able to take the rest. -250 should be reasonable compared to their vulnerable game, but was worth 2 matchpoints on an 8 top! RHO had overcalled one level too low on SKx HAKxxxxx DAQ CJx; had I passed, we would have been -170. (5C goes down one or two depending on how well declarer guesses spades.)



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