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Thursday, September 02, 2004

It's sad, but a large proportion of intelligent and cultured people who live in America's big cities actually share in the behavior so angrily rebuked by Dean Esmay:

Then I read from a man I once respected, a Mr. Ken Layne, that this was a "spastic, sputtering speech by the furiously proud nigger-hating piece of crap" Zell Miller (see the comments to this article right here). I also read another man I once respected, one Andrew Sullivan, as he referred to how Zell's eyes were "blazing with years of frustration as his Dixiecrat vision became slowly eclipsed among the Democrats."


The both of you heard an angry man with a southern drawl, and you injected your own cheap, tawdry, disgusting prejudices into the mix, and didn't even think twice about it.

On my first day at Google, during my orientation, one new Google employee mentioned that he was from Texas. Most of the room laughed, and one guy said "There's absolutely nothing good in Texas."

The HR rep who was orienting us looked sad, and mildly protested that East Texas, her hometown, was not so bad.

Southerners are the American intelligentsia's niggers.



What a great 1st day at work, eh? I bet that made you really excited to start making new friends around the workplace. If there were any justice, that HR rep would've suggested to a manager that the guy who offered that little missive be released immediately.

Isn't it incredible how so many people feel completely free and expectant of kudos when they spout such bigoted lefty crap?

I became very disenchanted with my coworkers at my last job when, as I was quietly watching one of Bush's SOTU speeches in the kitchen area, one guy came in and asked loudly to all assembled: "Did anybody shoot this guy yet?!". Nice.

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^^ That was me, by the way.... :)

Paul Hepburn, official Declarer commenter

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