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Thursday, September 02, 2004

John Kerry, being the classy guy that he is, stayed out of the public eye during the Republican Convention. Well no, that wouldn't fool anybody would it? Actually Kerry went to an American Legion in Tennessee and criticized Bush's actions in Iraq. The quote I heard on the radio was that Bush had "failed to secure Iraq's borders," allowing tens of thousands of foreign militants to penetrate the country.

It's not like America has had great success patrolling its own border with Mexico, and it's difficult to imagine how Iraq's long borders with Iran and Syria could be sealed tight with the troops at our disclosure. I guess the only way to prevent Iran and Syria from sending fighters into Iraq is to make war on them.

Do the French know about this?

By the way, one interesting thing about the radio clip was that it lacked a staple of campaign appearances: Enthusiastic applause after the sound bite. The Tribune article I quoted claims that Kerry was "met with a warm, if not quite enthusiastic, reception." The Tribune reprints articles from the New York Times; translated into English I guess that means no one flipped Kerry off.



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