The Declarer (Floyd McWilliams' Blog)

Monday, September 27, 2004

Welcome to the next-to-last episode of Who Would Be Least Offended By Winning the American League West. Let's meet our contestants!

Hello, Texas Rangers! Would you characterize your interest in winning the division as non-existent or marginal?

"Hey now, we are definitely in this race. We swept the A's, and, uh, then we dropped a series to Seattle. I guess that would be marginal."

Hello, Oakland A's! Are you completely unwilling to do what it takes to win the American League West?

"We're not going to bother playing well against good teams, if that's what you mean."

Hello, Anaheim Angels! Should we describe your level of interest in the pennant race as listless, tanking, or apathetic?

"We're in a pennant race?"



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