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Saturday, September 04, 2004

What would a long lazy weekend be without the San Jose Mercury News letters page?

(A long lazy weekend that lacks exposure to lunatics, I guess.)

Road to White House runs through Vietnam

I am distressed by the effectiveness of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth ads. It is causing me to lose faith in our democracy. Something must be done.

My suggestion may seem radical, but sometimes big problems require big changes. We should set up a special court of federal judges to determine the merit of accusations against any candidate running for national office before these charges can be leveled in television, print, or radio ads. Laws do not protect candidates from libel -- especially when the candidate is running for president. The prize is too great and the consequences too small.

Jennifer Zilliac
Palo Alto

Yes, actually laws do protect candidates from libel. And I wonder what Zilliac's totalitarian innovation would have to say about the Swift Boat Vet ads that show John Kerry's speeches from the 1970s? Kind of hard to call those lies, huh?

Unnecessary war

Many seem to have forgotten that Al-Qaida, not Iraq, was responsible for Sept. 11. There should not have been a war in Iraq.

Instead of tracking down and annihilating Al-Qaida, George Bush went to war with Iraq for no legitimate reason. Failure to pursue the Gulf War into Iraq was not a legitimate reason. Meanwhile, our inaction has allowed Al-Qaida to grow to such strength that we may never defeat them.

Wil Parsons
Santa Cruz

Have grown to such strength that we may never defeat them? So now Al-Qaida has more manpower, more factories, and better technology than America and its allies? Quite a change from three years ago, when they ruled a backward little nation on the ass end of nowhere.

In the universe I live in, where the sky is blue and the sun yellow, the Bush administration has been successfully and continuously prosecuting war against Al-Qaeda since 9/11. Al-Qaeda is dwindling and hunted; they are not sitting in some mystical redoubt waiting to counterattack en masse.



Hey, Jennifer...

Which Federal judge cleared your ticket to go see F9/11??

Paul Hepburn

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