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Sunday, September 19, 2004

When I was in high school, the football coach sponsored a trip to Ithica to watch a Cornell football game. It was an enjoyable experience, though not so much that I remembered who Cornell played or what the score was. Some of my friends noted that it was the first time they had been to a stadium with artificial turf, so at halftime they went onto the field and practiced falling. (Conclusion: Artificial turf is hard.)

The marching band came out at halftime and put on a show which included some political commentary at Ronald Reagan's expense. The skit struck me as smug and shallow, not to mention inappropriate for a public sporting event.

Twenty years later, college bands are still airing their tired, received wisdom, apparently under the impression that it makes them look smart and hip. Last Saturday Stanford was playing Brigham Young University, and the band made fun of Mormonism. I have my own doubts as to the veracity of the Latter Day Saints' practices and theology, but a stadium full of football fans is hardly the place to air them.



I found your blog by searching Yahoo, not Google, for Abortion + L. Ron Hubbard.

Some may ask why i was searching for Abortion + L. Ron Hubbard.

there were a few more search terms but i dont remember what they are.

so youre probably asking yourself what i was looking for that contained L. Ron Hubbard and Abortion.

actually you probably dont care.

so i wont tell you.

By Blogger Micah, at 5:50 PM  

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