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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Are there ghosts in Northern California? According to this web page, there are a few hauntings in the area: A sea captain's house in Stinson Beach, an antique store in Bodega, ...

and the Toys 'R Us in Sunnyvale that I will shop at tonight for a Halloween costume.

This modern warehouse/store was built in 1970 and has been haunted ever since. Employees first thought someone was scattering roller skates and books thoughout the aisles as a practical joke, but when they started hearing voices and being touched by phantom hands, they asked manager Judy Jackson for help. She discovered that customers had also been reporting strange things: faucets that turned themselves on after being turned off,

and disembodied hands tapping their shoulders or stroking their hair. Finally, psychic Sylvia Brown was called in and she discovered a presence by the name of Johnny Johnson, who worked on a ranch that had existed on the site of the store. Johnny was mentally impaired and came to be known as "Crazy Johnny". In 1884, he hit his leg with an ax while cutting wood and bled to death near a well on the property. Records showed that a well did exist beneath the store at a spot indicated by Johnny's ghost. Photographer Bill Tidwell has taken an infrared photograph, which he believes shows Johnny leaning against some shelving in the store.



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