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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Several bloggers have complained that Bush has been asked tougher questions in the debates than Kerry. Here's Charles Austin (guest-blogging at Protein Wisdom):

Glenn Reynolds has noted that Kerry [is] getting softballs and Bush is getting fastballs high and tight. No kidding. “Senator, will you look into the camera and promise all of us (< $200K) that you won't raise our taxes." Jeez.

This is not necessarily bad for Bush. At Purdue University, I think in 1989, the Objectivist Club sponsored a debate between a capitalist (someone from the Ayn Rand Institute) and a socialist (a Chicago schoolteacher). I kept the clock. The debate was notable for two reasons: First, although Purdue is a relatively apolitical campus, we had an overflow crowd at a medium-sized lecture hall. And second, after the debaters had made their opening statements and we opened up questioning to the audience, every single question was addressed to the capitalist. Every single one.

It's not that everyone agreed with the pro-capitalist debater, as he got some very pointed questions. But it was clear that no one took socialism seriously. There's an obvious parallel to the presidential debates; many people will come away with the impression that Bush has enough substance to merit tough questions, and Kerry does not.



I thought all the questions were fair and showed little bias, with the exception of that last little, old lady. She asked Bush to "list three mistakes you have made" (which isn't a question now that I think about it...) and immediately put on a stone-faced scowl. I don't think she's exactly "undecided".

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