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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

There Is No Liberal Media Bias, October 12 Edition

Theresa Heinz Kerry spoke at a fund-raiser in Texas and had this to say about why American troops might be sent overseas:

"John will never send a boy or girl in a uniform anywhere in the world because of our need and greed for oil ..."

There's nothing newsworthy about the surprising statement that the wife of a Presidential candidate subscribes to "No Blood for Oil" moonbattery, is there? Of course not, which is why the Associated Press chose this headline for the article:

Heinz Kerry Says Husband Would Be Cautious

Not "Heinz Kerry says America is greedy for oil." Not "Kerry's wife surprises audience with leftist beliefs." It's all about how Kerry is cautious. Cautious is good! What's not to like?

I mean, we all know that if Laura Bush addressed a fundraiser and had this to say:

When my husband is reelected, we plan to kill 'em all and let God sort 'em out.

The AP would choose a nice, neutral title with no hint of sensationalism, such as

Laura Bush Says Husband Would Be Aggressive



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