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Sunday, November 07, 2004

Boo! The Iraq War Was Wrong Blog is closing its doors, leaving Jim Treacher as the only purveyor of idiot leftist pastiches.

Behold the might of IraqWarWrong, and weep as did Alexander when he realized he had no more worlds to conquer:

CRAP!!!!!!! And now Oddly, That's (Spontaneously) It

Supposably Kerry has now conceeded. (By Constitution, election in any given state not over until Democrat conceeds(I think?).

one word CRAP.

so Well it happened. What we didnt want. Bush somehow stoled the election. I don't know how. He is the most hated President ever(alltime). (Also, by the World.)(remember them dhingers? didnt thiink so SIGH) Yet he won. (Personally I blame the Electroal College(idiots). So heavily weighted towards rednecks in Wymoning ect.) But there you have it. I dont think I can leave my house(apartment) for awhile. Luckily I have big stash of burrito's. (By the way he's NOT MY PRESIDENT if someone says to you he's the President of the United States just remember: NOT MINE (that's important)(I wnat people to know that: Bush is not iraqwarwrong's President).

By the way, when I first linked to IraqWarWrong he helpfully informed me that "Eric Burns" "should of touched home plate." Genius!



In my one run-in with "The Proprietor", we had a nice little discussion about the current health status of Wally Joyner. He will be missed.

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