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Thursday, November 11, 2004

The Mercury News Letters Page! The Mercury News Letters Page!

We should look for election fraud

Before President Bush starts congratulating himself on his ``mandate,'' we ought to look closely at the allegations of election fraud. I see no reason to believe that the results of the election are accurate. There were serious allegations of election fraud in Florida in 2000, which probably handed Bush the election. Now that he is in power, his ability to commit fraud is even greater.

John Kerry was the projected winner, both by polls and exit polls. The Democrats had a massive mobilization this year. It seems unlikely to me that Bush is the legitimate winner.

Laura Perkins
Santa Cruz

There were inflated and hysterical charges of election fraud in 2000, in Florida, therefore Bush's win in 2004, in Ohio, was invalid. Okay. (Bonus points for not knowing that elections are conducted at the state level and that the federal government has no opportunity to commit fraud.)

Why were exit polls wrong?

I am an elderly widow and remember many presidential elections when we knew the results early because the networks would pick up on the exit polls. In fact, they got to be so good that I would complain because they would announce the winner before I even got to vote here in California.

I remember when I was not forced to wear pants.

Isn't it strange that now, all of a sudden, in the two Bush elections, the exit polls were wrong?

Beverly Bond

Let's just take exit polls until 10 a.m. Eastern Time and call the election at that point! Think of all the money we would save!

Bring back rock radio

No way can Clear Channel Communications justify changing KSJO's format, and removing a San Jose institution. Where do they get their numbers? Those graying rock and rollers they discounted are the ones with buying power. KSJO also has a pretty large contingent of Hispanic listeners. When my house was remodeled this year, all the contractors including Hispanics had their radios on KSJO all day. I work with a lot of Hispanic folks, and they all say they miss KSJO.

Clear Channel closed KOME 98.5, and they also closed a big rock station in Los Angeles. They don't seem to like rock music. Could it be that they are an ultra-conservative corporation trying to censor what we listen to by simply not making it available?

Martha Gregory
San Jose

It was pretty weird when Clear Channel converted KSJO to Mexican music without warning -- I found out when driving home one night. (On the other hand I got some hits from searches on "what happened to KSJO," so it's not all bad.)

But hard rock is the whitest of music genres. I would imagine that ultra-conservatives like American media to speak English.



when did the merc news start requiring registration?

By Blogger Micah, at 12:55 PM  

So, what is the matter with Rock being a white genre? Aside from the fact that it sure as hell isn't, unless one is really out of touch and just thinks it is. I wish people in this area weren't such wusses, and that we'd stand up and fight like the folks in Houston are fighting for their station KLOL. BTW, you DO know Clear Channel cut of their rock station not two weeks after they killed KSJO? And YES, Clear Channel turns out to be VERY conservative, in that it looks only at money and having all the stations be the same. Sort of a huge simulcast.

By Blogger Martha, at 7:44 PM  

Micah: Believe me, you're better off.

By Blogger Floyd, at 10:18 PM  

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