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Monday, January 03, 2005

Mickey Kaus provides evidence that the New York Times is America's most important newspaper because of the vast resources it brings to bear when covering news:

Move over, Greg Packer? It was a big week for "Amanda Tree, a Brooklyn actress and singer-songwriter" who was quoted as a woman-on-the-street twice in two days by the New York Times--first in a story on bystanders watching red-tailed hawks Lola and Pale Male return to their old nesting place on Fifth Avenue, the second in a story about how nobody stayed around in New York City over the holiday. ... Both stories featured the byline of Jennifer 8 Lee. ... Guess there really was nobody around!

I don't know what's weirder:

  1. That a reporter at a major newspaper would use a single person on the street as a one-stop shop for quotes -- or, if you are more cynical, would make up quotes and not bother to concoct a separate alias for each story;
  2. That a major newspaper's editors would allow this to happen;
  3. That the New York Times employs a reporter named Jennifer 8. Lee. (Google informs me that the period after the 8 is the proper spelling, making me wonder if she has a longer middle name that is rounded to the nearest integer.)



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