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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Usenet anarchist James Donald on the BBC's coverage of tsunami relief efforts:

> People reading the Chinese communist official press get a
> more balanced account of the aid effort than people who
> listen to the BBC.

Inspired by own post, I once again checked out BBC coverage.
There is a big essay on Aceh - which somehow omits to mention
the identity of those who are delivering the aid:

There is a photo of aid delivery: Picture four of the nine
pictures at
very carefully clipped and framed to give no hint that the
ships whose tips you see are military vessels of armed forces
that the BBC hates.

Surely that is a mighty odd way of photographing a ship? An
odd way of composing a photograph? An odd way of phrasing a
caption. Aid "is being delivered", not someone "is delivering
aid". The standard journalistic phrasing is "someone does
something", in order to pack who what when were into the
opening sentence. Instead, they twist their sentences to avoid
mention of who is acting.

Picture 2 "relief workers continue": We see photographed two
indonesians and a soldier. Somehow, the nationality of the
soldier is obscure

Picture 4: Ships carefully framed to make them unidentifiable.
"Aid is finally reaching" not "US marines carrying aid are
finally reaching", not some identifiable aid workers are
finally reaching.

Picture 5 "receive food and shelter". Somehow the BBC omits to
mention who is providing food and shelter.

Picture 8 "volunteers and survivors are beginning to find time
to relax." But the aid worker pictured is presumably US
marine, who is probably not a "volunteer" This goes beyond
selective reporting, to plain and simple in your face lying.
The BBC is lying, both by ommission and commission, about the
aid effort in Aceh.



The man playing soccer in picture 8 is a Russian soldier and not a Marine, and the soldier in picture 4 is clearly not an American (his uniform would suggest he's Indonesian).

Other than that, I agree the Beeb is incredibly biased.

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